STEMpact 2020 Presented by State Farm


Thank you for joining us at our 2nd Annual High-Tech High Heels STEMpact event to recognize our STEM advocates and leaders as part of our STEMpower a Girl campaign.  Our STEMpact 2020 online event was held on September 16, 2020 and we had great discussion on the state of STEM!  Here is a recording of the evening so you can relive your favorite moments. Or, perhaps your internet died in the middle of the STEM discussion, and you missed some great wisdom from our incredible speakers. Don’t worry we have you covered!

Our mission to close the gender gap in STEM requires a commitment from all of us. We hope we can count on you to partner with us, and invite you to follow us on social media for the latest announcements, spotlights, and opportunities for action!

We are also happy to announce that thanks to the support of our STEM community, we have raised over $17K through our STEMpower a Girl campaign. 100% of these funds will be used to support nonprofits who are educating and empowering our aspiring female engineers and scientists.  If you meant to make a gift after the event but weren’t able to, it’s not too late you can make your donation by clicking here.

Again, we are grateful that you joined us, and look forward to working with you to inspire the next generation of girls to pursue a career in STEM.

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