Talk Templates


These resources are an optional starting point for classroom visits where you’d like to prepare a few slides. Please edit for your event and to add a personal touch.


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PBS Kids Design Squad Hands on activities and video demos for elementary and middle school kids. TechBridge Role model guides and training, icebreakers, and sample bios and templates. Girl Scouts Imagine Engineering Profiles of women in engineering including guides for Hispanic, African American, and Native American girls. Engineer Your Life Resources for high school girls, including profiles of women in STEM and career guides. Engineer Girl Resources for middle school girls, including profiles of women in STEM and career guides.Wonderwise Videos and activity kits for elementary and middle school kids, focusing on science.
Tips: Change the conversation!


Don’t say, “Engineers solve problems using science and math”.


Do say – Engineers are changing the world all of the time – They dream up creative and practical solutions – Engineers work with other smart, inspiring people – They invent, design, and create things that matter.- Use design or create instead of build. – Describe the people you work with. – Tell people how your work or industry makes a difference. – Share a story about a challenge from school or your career to demonstrate that even though you experienced setbacks and had to work hard, you became a successful engineer/scientist. Use language like: Collaborate, Imagination, Innovation, Contribution, Financially secure adapted from E-Week training materials