Girls Academic Pipeline Program

Girls Academic Pipeline Program™ is a an educational program developed by High-Tech High Heels® (“HTHH”) supported by a grant from Toyota USA Foundation to further HTHH’s mission to increase the number of girls entering into college-level programs. 

Girls Academic Pipeline Program™ is a comprehensive program focused not only on girls but also on educators and mentors in an effort to support HTHH’s mission.  In conjunction with select schools from the Dallas Independent School District, Girls Academic Pipeline Program™ is increasing the number of girls entering into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through designing and developing curricula to recruit and retain girls in the pipeline to go to college. A special focus on retention includes facilitating workshops, classes, camps, and exhibits for girls interested in STEM.   Another retention effort to ensure success is providing the girls with mentors, women who work in STEM related fields who will be a resource for the girls and increase retention in the pipeline through one-on-one relationships, while making sure the girls get a well-rounded and supplemental curricula. To round out the experience, Girls Academic Pipeline Program™ provides educational programs and hands-on, technical experiences for girls interested in STEM.

Last and instrumental to the success of the girls and the program, Girls Academic Pipeline Program™ works with and trains educators teaching STEM curriculum by providing teaching methods and providing curricula.