Month: April 2019

Spotlight: Big milestone – HTHH has granted over 1 million dollars

High-Tech High Heels was founded in 2001 by a group of women with a shared vision of closing the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Eighteen years ago, through their own educational experiences, they knew that closing the gender gap in STEM would require increasing the number of girls graduating from high school and entering a college-level degree program in STEM.  These women pooled their resources to create a Donor Advised Fund so they could grant to programs to support this vision and mission.   However, in 2001, there were no programs to support these objectives.  Not to be deterred, these amazing philanthropreneurs developed their own programs to educate and inspire high school girls to succeed in STEM. 

Thank you to our HTHH founders: Susan Sue Alberti, Cindy Allen, Karla Barber, Shaunna Black, Beth Bull, Lisa Byrd, Mary McDermott Cook, Wendy Engibous, Julie England, Marla Finco, Wanda Gass, Cynthia Grimm, Mary Helmick, Diana Johnson Hightower, Ember Bennett Hogan, Lisa Knipe, Melendy Lovett, Elisabeth Marley, Gray Mayes, Margaret McDermott, Elizabeth Moyer, Mary Ann Murphy, Marcia Page, Carol Primdahl, Tegwin Pulley, Tammy Richards, Jane Schoen, Judy Shaw, Linda Smittle, Delena Spencer, Mary Templeton, Terri West.

Nearly two decades later, the work of HTHH continues with the same passion and commitment to those founding objectives.  HTHH has just achieved a major milestone by funding our one millionth dollar toward programs that close the gender gap in STEM fields.

HTHH still funds the core, proven programs created by its Founders for high school girls.   And now, HTHH also funds new and innovative programs to improve STEM education, inspire and mentor the next generation, and provide hands-on learning opportunities for girls across the entire K-12 STEM academic pipeline.  

Help us continue to fund impactful programs targeted at closing the gender gap in STEM by making a donation todayThanks a million!

Spotlight: Inspirational women making history at HTHH

High-Tech High Heels would like to take a moment to highlight
some of our very own {S}HEROES. We are fortunate to be
surrounded by so many wonder women making history at
HTHH, and we picked three of them with unbelievable stories
that are sure to inspire you to go out and make history, too!



Not only is Wanda Gass one of High-Tech High Heels’ revered founders, but she is also the co-inventor of the initial Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing product.  This became TI’s digital flagship product in the 1990s & 2000s and drove the conversion from analog to digital for media and communications.  Ms. Gass is a trailblazer for women in STEM and made history in 1999 when she and Duy-Loan Lee were the first women promoted to TI Fellows. In 2007, she was elevated to IEEE Fellow for her contributions in VLSI signal processing
architectures and circuits. To pave the way for girls of generations to come, Gass founded Design Connect Create in 2014 to deliver Physics Camps programming to help young women be successful in STEM classes.




Kacie is one of the most recently elected High-Tech High Heels Texas board members, following years volunteering on the HTHH communications and Friendraiser committees.  After graduating from Texas Tech and interning at Southwest Airlines, Kacie began her career at Texas Instruments as a business analyst. Since 2015, Kacie has worked in IT functions for Enterprise Applications, Demand Creation, and Supply Chain.  She also serves as President of the TI New Employee Initiative and donates numerous hours each week to leading her peers to foster a community of new TI employees. Even though Kacie has just recently begun her career, she is already making a mark and is inspiring people around her, both women and men,
through her professionalism and dedication.




Sandra attended a High-Tech High Heels funded Design Connect Create Physics camp a few summers ago (if you think this sounds familiar, you’re right! This is Wanda Gass’
organization referenced above.)
Sandra has worked extremely hard in her STEM courses, and in May 2019, she will make history by being the first in her family to EVER graduate from high school. But that’s
not even the best part!! Sandra was recently accepted into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and will be the first in her family to attend college.

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